How to submit Images and attachments

In order to serve your better and resolve your issue quickly, we ask that you please follow these instructions when submitting images to a support request or reply.

  1.  When taking images with a mobile phone, please export your images in small setting mode and not the largest / best quality size since these files are quite large.
  2. When submitting several images please look at total size of all attachments as many Internet Service Providers limit the size of attachments and some of these limits kick in at 4 MB. If you have many images you may have to submit more than one reply
  3. Please make sure that you have one clear image of the Model Number ( sticker on bottom of product) so we can properly identify your model, make and style/color since over time stain and paint suppliers may change.
  4. For more info on finding your model number see this article
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  • 17-May-2016